Electronic Gun Security Cabinet Instruction Manual (RP1ER)

Opening the Safe with the Backup Key

Upon first receipt of the safe, or either the electronic circuit malfunction or codes unknown. You could also use the backup key to open the safe.

  1. Remove the cover of the backup lock.
  2. Insert the backup key, turn it anticlockwise , at the same time turn the knob clockwise to release the door handle.
  3. Turn the door handle anticlockwise to open the cabinet.

Battery Installation

  1. Locate the battery compartment door on the inside of the safe.Open the battery cover by removing the screw with the Allen key.
  2. Insert the 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included) into the battery compartment. Note that pay attention to the “+” and “-”  The “-” end of the batteries go against the spring inside of the compartment(see Figure B).When the batteries are inserted correctly, the indicator light will light up yellow once with one beep.
  3. Place the batteries cover, you are now ready to program your safe.

IMPORTANT : Use the NEW AA alkaline battery. Using other batteries may cause unusable conditions. New batteries can not be used with old batteries together.

Master Code Programming

First time users should change the default code as soon as possible to prevent unauthorized access to your safe, so it should be kept confidential.

  1. Enter default code 1-5-9 on the keypad then press“Confirming Button” (“A/B”),the green light will light up with the double beeps, then turn the knob clockwise and turn the door handle anti-clockwise to open the door.
  2. With the safe open, press the“Program Button” once and release it, the yellow light will light up twice with the double beeps.
  3. Enter your NEW master code. Your code can be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 digits.
  4. Press the "Confirming Button“A/B” once and release it, the yellow light will light up twice with the double beeps. This tone confirms that the password has been reset.
  5. Now test the code. If you make a mistake and the new code will not work (The yellow light will light up with three beeps if the incorrect entry is made), simply start over with step 2.

TIP: Code Requirements

  • Enter personal password followed by either A or B to confirm. The green light will light up.
  • For your security, the yellow light will light up with beeps if 3 incorrect entries are made, and the safe will time out and sleep for 30 seconds.
  • And the safe will time out and sleep again for another 5 minutes if 3 more incorrect entries are made. The safe can still be opened by using the backup keys.
  • Programming a new code will overwrite your previous code.
  • Please reset your password after every time you change the batteries.

Low Battery Warning

Under normal condition, if the red lights up, it means the voltage is low and you should insert 4 new batteries.

Opening the Ammo Cabinet

Insert the backup key into the lock of Ammo Cabinet and turn clockwise to unlock. Store the ammunition and fully close the door of the Ammo Cabinet and turn the key anti-clockwise to lock. Remove key and keep safe.

Silence Mode Setting

To silence the audible sound of the electronics, please press "0-0-A". To unmute the keys, please press "6-6-A".

Locking the Safe

Turn the door handle clockwise and turn the knob anti-clockwise to close the door.

Securing Your Safe

There are some mounting screws included to mount your RPNB® safe to a flat surface using the pre-drilled holes on the bottom.

Using the Mounting Screws

TIP: Make sure you have enough clearance for the lid to open properly before mounting the safe.

  1. Position the safe on a flat surface where you want to mount it.
  2. Use a pencil to mark the holes for drilling.
  3. Drill pilot holes.
  4. Position safe in place and install screws through safe into pilot holes. Tighten screws.


Use the expansion bolt when there is a concrete wall surface. Use the clamping screw when there is a wooden wall surface.