At RPNB SAFE, we value our amazing customers and want to show our appreciation for your support. That's why we're introducing the RPNB SAFE Reward Program. You can earn exciting bonuses for sharing your product experience on social media.

Content Guidelines:

  • Videos posted on YouTube should include "RPNB SAFE" in the title.
  • For Facebook, Instagram or TikTok posts, tag #rpnbsafe and @rpnbsafe Official Account.
  • Your content needs to include clear images of RPNB SAFE product(s) and the RPNB SAFE brand logo.

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Reward Tiers:

YouTube Normal Videos: Video Views Reward

Quantity Range Reward
50-199 $5 Gift Card to use on
200-499 $20 Gift Card to use on
500-9999 $50 Cash Reward
10000+ $100 Cash Reward

TikTok & YouTube Shorts: Video Views Reward

Quantity Range Reward
100-500 $5 Gift Card to use on
500-2000 $20 Gift Card to use on
2000-9999 $50 Cash Reward
10000+ $100 Cash Reward

Facebook & Instagram : Photo/Video Likes Reward

Quantity Range Reward
10-50 $5 Gift Card to use on
50-100 $10 Gift Card to use on
100+ $20 Gift Card to use on

How it works:

Eligibility: This program is open to all RPNB SAFE customers who own at least one RPNB SAFE product which was purchased at their own expense. Influencers who have received free product samples are not eligible to participate.

Create Content: Share your experience with your RPNB SAFE products through videos or photos on your social media accounts.

Please note:

Authenticity: We will only honor genuine content. Only real views and likes will be eligible for rewards.

Redemption: Once you've achieved the required views or likes, DM any of our official social media accounts and provide: 1. a link to your content; 2. the email you used to make the original purchase from RPNB SAFE (any platform). You will receive your RPNB Reward no later than 15 working days after submission.

Multiple Posts: You can submit multiple entries, but each unique content piece on each social media platform will be rewarded only once.

Verification: Our team will verify the content and eligibility before issuing the rewards.

Granting Usage Rights to RPNB SAFE:Once you submit your work, it means you grant RPNB SAFE a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, and transferable license to use your work, including but not limited to copying, editing, modifying, publishing, and displaying your work, as well as creating, copying, editing, modifying, publishing, and displaying derivative works for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Your work will have the opportunity to be showcased to a broader audience through RPNB SAFE's global platform and influence.

Program Duration: The RPNB Reward Program will run from 1/20/2024 to 1/20/2025. Content posted after 1/20/2024 will be eligible for rewards according to the program's policies.


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