RPNB Biometric 4 Pistols High-Capacity Gun Safe for Handgun with Digital Key Pad, RP2016

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Biometric Gun Safe
Essential for firearm owners, providing secure storage for small firearms at home or in the office, ensuring safety around curious children and visitors.

3 Fast Entry Methods
Features a 500DPI biometric fingerprint scanner, 4-digit smart keypad, and two backup keys for instant access to valuables, documents, and firearms. Automatic door opening ensures quick entry when needed, especially with fingerprint access.

Emergency Power Supply
The digital handgun safe features a built-in USB Type-C port for emergency situations when batteries are depleted and keys are unavailable. Designed for short-term emergency use, the port provides quick access when needed.

Convenience Design
Deluxe quick-access gun safe with 4-pistol foam rack, allowing for easy, safe retrieval of pistols. Interior lighting ensures enhanced visibility for effortless gun access.

Tough and Rugged
The RPNB handgun safe is expertly crafted from sturdy steel with a corrosion-resistant black finish, ensuring long-lasting strength and a professional appearance that seamlessly integrates into any interior.

Item Weight : 15.43lbs/7kg
Fingerprint Storage : ≤20
Password Length : 4-6 Digits
Exterior Dimensions : 6.30"×12.20"×13.78"(H x W x D)
Interior Dimensions: 5.35"x10.55 "x11.61"(H x W x D)
Requirements for Battery : 4 NEW AA Alkaline Batteries (not included in the box)

Biometric Quick-Access Handgun Safe

4-Pistol Gun Safe

Equipped with 4-pistol foam rack, dual anti-impact latches, interior lighting and emergency Type-C Port.

Unlock in an Emergency

Type-C receiving jack at the left side of the safe is used in case the batteries are depleted or you cannot find the backup keys. This port is for emergency use only, not for long-term use.

Interior LED Lighting

Can store a full-size handgun (with no light or optics of any kind) up to 8.5 inches in length, plus a spare magazine. The bedside gun safe automatically slides out after using the correct passcode or registered fingerprint, allowing you to store your pistol in seconds.

Quick-Access Biometric Gun Safe

4-Pistol Safe


SILENT MODE | Silence the Audible Sound of the Electronics

USB INTERFACE | Micro-USB Port for External Power Supply

METHODS TO ENTRY | 4-6 Digits Passcode | Biometric Fingerprint | Backup Keys

LOCK-DOWN SYSTEM | Enter Wrong Code or Unregistered Fingerprint 5 Consecutive Times