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Robust Fire Protection

This robust fire protection equipment is UL 72-Standard certified, tested to withstand up to 1200℉ for up to 40 minutes with 16mm heat-resistant fire boards and durable large solid steel bolts. Be prepared for the worst with ultimate fire protection.

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Smart Fingerprint Scanner

500DPI semiconductor biometric fingerprint sensor. Large capacity with 20 individual fingerprints. With the upgraded smart biometric scanner with immediate access mode, instant access to your guns

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RPNB 10FR Smart Fingerprint Scan

Portable Security Safe

The Portable Small Personal Security Safe is sturdy enough to prevent forced entry. Keep your wallet, cash, ID, passport, or EDC pistols secure with the strong flexible steel cable. The Small Biometric Gun Safe is ideal for hotels and vehicles.

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Voice from Our Customers

Voice from Our Customers

"Im not sure how the UPS man got up my stairs, this thing is heavy and made of great quality steel. Nothing will penetrate this safe. Its the perfect size for me to place under my work desk at home or place in my closet. I have opened it but have not moved it yet bc its so heavy. I have to make sure where i want it to go its going to stay. I love the new update Technology with finger prints to open or combo. The features are easy to use, and you have the ability to put multiple combo for different users."

Jess Bischof renzheng
Jess Bischof

"Well packaged and meet my expectations. It looks smaller than I expected but it's pretty heavy to me. Took me a few minutes to open the safe manually using the key which is hidden inside the finger print/key pad. but once I figured out, it's very straight forward. You just need to enter the code every time to close or to open the safe. The safe can easily hold 24 rifles and storage ammo in the top compartment. I also like the pockets behind the door for store pistal/hand guns."

Jess Bischof renzheng
Nozipho Nxumalo

"The design is brilliant and the style is sleek - it's a "pretty" safe in appearance and super useful! It has smart use of the space inside with the shelves and it's a huge upgrade from the one I had already. I would highly recommend this safe."

Jess Bischof renzheng
Ashley W. Grimm

"I have been looking for a nightstand drop down or slider safe for some time. Most on the market could not accommodate my pistol with a mounted RedDot. This one fit the bill. I was also worried about the finger print reader not always recognizing my print, but I have been surprised how accurate it read. I did take the advice to have it read my prints at different angles while setting it up. Looks pretty well made. It heavy, which is good."

Jess Bischof renzheng
Stew Knoles

"Was looking for something child-proof, secure and not too tiny but discreet enough that I can easily fit it where I want to securely store my gun. This ended up being perfect. Fits my gun, 2 mags, and some ammo just fine. I love the different options for security - I opted for the number passcode but you can always use the card or key options as well. Versatile and nice. Love it."

Jess Bischof renzheng
Maria Angeline
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