Smart Fingerprint Scanner

500DPI semiconductor biometric fingerprint sensor. Large capacity with 20 individual fingerprints. With the upgraded smart biometric scanner with immediate access mode, instant access to your guns

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RPNB 10FR Smart Fingerprint Scan
RPNB RP19002 High Capacity Design

High Capacity Design

Multy-layers design bring more usable interior capacity, you can share it with your family without losing your own privacy. Our safes also are easy to store - Whether it's in a drawer, in a car, under a desk or on the wall, we want to keep your valuables safe anywhere.

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Portable Security Safe

The Portable Small Personal Security Safe is sturdy enough to prevent forced entry. Keep your wallet, cash, ID, passport, or EDC pistols secure with the strong flexible steel cable. The Personal Portable Security Safe is ideal for hotels and vehicles.

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RP19005 Portable Security Safe

Stew Knoles

"This safe is the perfect size. It held a full frame, a small frame and a mid size pistol with the mags. Even held ammo. Fit just right under my night stand. I highly recommend. It was easy to set up and opens 4 different ways! Highly recommend this. Don't listen to the reviews about being too small because it is not."

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”This is a really well made bedside safe that easily fits 2 firearms and extra valuables. The safe comes with a backup key and mounting hardware. It only took a few minuets to set up with combination and finger print. The door springs open with a. Good amount of force and makes quick access possible.“

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Robert W. Grimm

"I ordered this safe to securely store my Smith & Wesson pistol. It is a substantially sturdy & heavy piece. It was really very easy to set up the combination & it works effortlessly. The unit was very well packed & it comes with hardware to lag it to the wall as well. Also, it was delivered a day ahead of schedule!I am pleased with the purchase and feel this safe / lock box is a very good value for the money."

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Maria Angeline

“Was looking for something child-proof, secure and not too tiny but discreet enough that I can easily fit it where I want to securely store my gun. This ended up being perfect. Fits my gun, 2 mags, and some ammo just fine. I love the different options for security - I opted for the number passcode but you can always use the card or key options as well. Versatile and nice. Love it.”

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Kevin Bischof

"I was looking for something to secure my pistol and keep it by my bed. I have 2 little kids who like to get into everything. It was easy to program and I turned the beep from the button off as well. Only thing I wish it had was a gas strut to open the lid fully once it's unlocked. For that you will be paying twice as much for a different safe and it wasn't worth it to me. I probably will be buying another for my wife's nightstand as well."

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