24 Gun Large Fireproof Digital Fingerprint Rifle Safe for Pistols and Rifles, Grey, RPNB RPFS24-G

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Heavy-Duty Fireproof Security Rifle Safe
Made of anti-theft solid steel, heavier than 320 lbs. 16mm heat-resistant fire boards, and 2-way large solid steel bolts.Complies with UL 72 Standard for fire resistance protection equipment for 40 minutes at 1200℉.

Adjustable and Flexible Space
Interior allows for quick space optimization of space with ultra-flexibility. Each 24-gun fireproof rifle safe with 6 fully adjustable shelves and multi levels liftable height.

Convenient Door Panel Organizer
Including 4 pistol holsters, 3 zippered pockets, 2 easy clip systems and 2 pop-up zippered pockets that can store things like handguns, documents, knives and other small valuables on the door panel.

Multi-Method Entry
3 ways to open the biometric safe just according to your different needs. The fireproof fingerprint gun safe is designed with an external battery compartment for easy making battery replacement more convenient in an emergency.

Convenience Design and Full Coverage Soft Inner Protection
Come with the LED sensor light on the sensor mode will turn on automatically. Factory-Installed Electrical Power Outlet configured with 3 AC Outlets and 2 USB Ports.


Item Weight : 321.87 LBS
Exterior Dimensions : 58.98"×25.98"×20.00" (H × W × D)
Interior Dimensions : 57.09"×24.41"×14.57" (H × W × D)

1 Instruction Manual
1 Handle Spoke Kit
1 Door Organizer
1 Removable LED Sensor Light
2 Meters Power Cord
6 Adjustable Interior Shelves
4 Expansion Bolts
Shelf Support Clips

Please read all information on the type of delivery options you have for your order. The delivery of large safes is a very sensitive operation, and we supply this information to ensure you receive the product you ordered in the best condition possible for your delivery circumstance.

Preparing for Freight Delivery

Customer Responsibilities

- A responsible adult, 18 years or older, must be present during delivery.

- Confine all house pets to a separate area from the delivery path.

- Merchandise will be left at the desired threshold† and a responsible neighbor or representative must accompany the delivery team and sign for the delivery.

- In inclement weather, please provide a clear path – no ice, snow, or debris – from the street to the appropriate threshold*.

Delivery Setup

Upon purchasing a RPNB® Fireproof Gun Safe, you will receive an order confirmation email that includes contact information for the shipping company that will complete the delivery of your product to your threshold*. It is essential to provide a phone number where you can be easily reached when you order your product as the shipping company will contact you directly to schedule a delivery date and time. See Important Delivery Considerations for information regarding delivery when an appointment cannot be scheduled.

Your Delivery Window

The shipping company will call you at the primary phone listed on your delivery order to confirm delivery time window.

Challenging Delivery Situations

Some delivery situations will necessarily incur additional charges. Please contact RPNB Safe prior to or immediately upon purchase if any of the conditions below exist where the product is to be delivered:

-Gravel driveway

-Gated community

-Low hanging wires

-Narrow access road

-Mountainside home

-Winding or steep driveway

-“Limited access” locations

-Heavily wooded area with low hanging tree limbs

-Wooden bridges or bridges with height and/or weight restrictions

-Location that’s not easily accessed with a 53-foot semitrailer (18 wheeler).

-Driveway exceeding 50 feet from point of truck access to final delivery point

Limited Access Pickup & Deliver

Although many shippers often don’t know about some restricted locations, be knowledgeable about the limitations on limited access. While limited access areas are sometimes situated in remote areas, drivers have to follow back routes that extend the expected delivery time. Also in commercial areas, if a trucker cannot pull up to a loading dock and load and unload within 20 minutes, the location is considered limited access.

What are “limited access” locations?

A limited access location is any destination that restricts trucks from entering an area. In other words, this means the driver will require more time and work to load, unload, and deliver the shipment. You should alert the driver ahead of time if they’ll be dealing with a restricted location. Otherwise, you could experience added delays, extra costs, reroutes, or even redelivery.

This includes a handful of locations. To sum up a few for you:

A location that is not open to the general public during regular business hours.

Where shippers are not available to assist with the pickup or delivery.

No access to the loading dock.

Requires a smaller truck for pickup or delivery.

Sites that have a gate or guard.

A remote location or takes the driver far off their normal route.

The area is too small to fit a full-sized truck.

A crowded location that takes longer to service.

Although this list may not include all locations that the carriers consider limited access. Additionally, some locations are deemed limited access by the driver at the time they are on-site.

Note-Limited Access Accessorial Charge

While locations that have not been specified as such at the booking of the shipment may be written as limited access by the driver. As a result, you will need to pay the limited access accessorial charge.

Limited Locations

Pickups or deliveries at one of the following types of locations are limited access:

Airport Property


Rural / Residential areas

Camps / Carnivals / Casinos

Cemeteries / Places of Worship

Construction Sites

Court Houses

Educational Institutions

Farms / Estates

Flea Markets

Firehouses / Police Departments

Country Clubs

Government Facilities



Storage Units


Military Bases

Movie Theaters / Museums

National Reservations


Railroad Yards


Nursing Home

Shopping Malls

Waste / Water Treatment Plants

Upon delivery, it is in your best interest to make note of the carton and product condition on the delivery paperwork. Delivery does not include installation – it is neither expressed nor implied that the delivery company will assist in the assembly and/or installation of any RPNB Safe product.

Delivery Team Responsibilities

Our delivery team will deliver and off-load the purchased RPNB Safe item to the desired threshold*.

For safety reasons, our delivery team cannot:

-Lift/hoist merchandise over banisters, or other obstructions, or through windows to complete the delivery of the product.

-Relocate any other items at said address.

-Perform carpentry, electrical, or plumbing work.

-Install the merchandise.

Important Delivery Considerations

The product will be returned if no delivery appointment is made withi the shipping company contacting you.The customer will be refunded the price of the returned product less the aforementioned built-in shipping fees.

Additional fees may be incurred if you fail to meet the delivery truck at the scheduled time. Such fees may include, but are not limited to:

Re-delivery charges

Storage fees

Service fees

Handling fees

*The threshold is defined as either the front door or in front of the garage for houses, or the first door of an apartment building.

To help us serve you in the best manner possible, simply follow these few guidelines:

1.Have a clean, clear pathway from the entrance of your home to the final location of the safe.

2.Remove or push to the side any furniture or obstacles that might interfere with passage of the safe, the equipment and our personnel through any room or hallway.

3.Remove all loose throw or area rugs that may lie in the pathway. This is a sure way to trip up both our equipment and our guys.

4.If we are putting the safe into a small contained area (like a closet), please make sure that all articles are removed from this site (or at least pushed completely to the side).

Through the nearby warehouse, you can quickly get safes. Self-pick-up is supported.

If you like to pick it up at our CA/GA warehouse, please contact RPNB via email at customersupport@rpnbsafe.com get the quote.

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