Biometric Portable Vault Instruction Manual(RP19005)

Battery Installation

  1. To get started, insert one of your backup keys into the keyhole at the front of the safe. Push key in and rotate the key 60 degrees counterclockwise to open the safe.
  2. Locate the battery compartment door on the inside of the safe. Open the battery cover by removing the screw with the screwdriver.
  3. Insert the 4 AAA alkaline batteries (not included) into the battery compartment. Note that pay attention to the “+” and “-“ signs. The “-“ end of the batteries go against the spring inside of the compartment.
  4. When the batteries are inserted correctly you will hear a short beep once and the panel will light up.
  5. Once you hear the beep, place the battery cover. You are now ready to program your safe.


Use the NEW AAA alkaline battery. Mixing batteries may cause device to become unusable. New batteries can not be used together with old batteries. Your RPNB® safe will automatically lock when you fully close the lid.

Programming the Fingerprints

To Register Your Fingerprint, Locate the “reset” Button.

  1. With the safe open, press the “reset” button once (2-3 seconds) and release it, biometricfingerprint will light up BLUE once with the one beep.
  2. Using the helpful programming tips provided on page 5 place your finger on the fingerprint scanner for the 1st of 4 scans. Remove your finger after light up GREEN once with one short beep. Place finger again over the scanner until light up GREEN once with one short beep and lift. You will repeat this process until biometric fingerprint lights up GREEN with double beeps.
  3. Now your fingerprint has been successfully registered. Close door and test to see if the safe will open using your fingerprint. If you make a mistake and the new fingerprint will not work, you must repeatthe above steps.

Helpful Programming TIPS:

  1. Place your finger on the center of the scanner (this allows the scanner to read where most of the fingerprint detail is located).
  2. Adjust your finger slightly between scans for increased accuracy.     
  3. Excessive moisture, lotion, or dirt will affect your fingerprint and may cause inaccurate sensor reading.
  4. If you are experiencing difficulty, try different fingers. Each finger is unique and some fingers, such as your thumb, contain more readable information than others.
  5. To increase your success rate register the same fingerprint multiple times.


  • If biometric fingerprint flash RED 2 times with one beep, it means registration has failed and you must repeat the above steps.
  • You cannot register more than 20 fingerprints. If the RED light flashes 10 times with 10 beeps when you register your fingerprint, it means the fingerprint storage capacity is full.
  • If wrong fingerprint is entered 5 consecutive times, safe will go into a lock-down mode for 5 minutes. During this period the panel will flash RED. And any operation will be temporarily banned (But safe can still be opened by backup key). After 5 minutes, GREEN light flashes with a beep the safe will automatically resume normal operation.
  • After waking up the system, the BLUE light flashes. After no operation for more than 8 seconds, you can hear a beep with RED light flashes 2 times then the system will automatically exit the current state.

Delete the Registered Fingerprint

  1. Press and hold the “reset” button (5-6 seconds), GREEN light flashes withdouble beeps.
  2. Now all previously registered fingerprints are erased.
  3. When all registered fingerprints are erased will enter the default initial state.


You must hold the “reset” button until BLUE and GREEN lights flash each with double beeps, then release it.

Silence Mode Setting

To silence the audible sound of the electronics, press and hold the "SILENCE" button by using button tool until you hear double beeps. To unmute the keys, press and hold the "SILENCE" button by using button tool until you hear one beep.

Low Battery Warning

If light up RED 10 times with 10 times beeps when opening the safe by fingerprint, your battery level is critically low and your safe needs to be replaced the new batteries. If battery level lower than 4.5V the RED light will light on 3s and you can not open it.


Use the NEW AAA alkaline battery. Mixing batteries may cause device to become unusable. New batteries can not be used together with old batteries.

Securing Your Safe

Your RPNB® safe can be secured a few different ways. Included is a security cable to attach your safe to larger stationary objects. There are also mounting screws included to mount the safe to a flat surface using the pre-drilled holes on the bottom.

Using the Security Cable

  1. Loop the security cable around a secured object.
  2. Run the end of the cable through the eye of the other end and pull tight around the object.     
  3. Place the end of the security cable inside the fully enclosed cable mount inside your RPNB safe.
  4. Make sure the safe closes with the cable secured inside the cable mount.

Using the Mounting Screws

TIP: Make sure you have enough clearance for the lid to open properly before mounting the safe.

  1. Position the safe on a flat surface where you want to mount it.
  2. Use a pencil to mark the holes for drilling.     
  3. Drill pilot holes.
  4. Position safe in place and install screws through safe into pilot holes. Tighten screws.

IMPORTANT : Mounting the safe vertically so that the door flips upward will result in incomplete opening of the safe due to weight. The door will open if the safe is mounted vertically so that door opens down or to side.